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Fastest way to build a durable privacy register

Privacy management software is developping fast. Privacy Register is easy to export and maintain elsewhere.

Privacy Register open sources the core of privacy management and introduces the ability to have a fully functioning standardised privacy register right in your browser, for free.


No third-party to trust

Privacy Register offers a simple and secure platform. Your privacy register is solely stored on your device. We have no access to your data at all!
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According to a fully open standard
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Export as JSON, CSV or to Excel
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Only you have access to your data
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Simple by Design

Privacy Register has only a few core concepts and a list of content types prescribed by Article 30, and yes, we have also taken into account Article 13 & 14 and 28. This is purposeful: you can master the concepts quickly, and build privacy registers without constantly referencing the documentation.

Content types

If you’ve ever read parts of the GDPR, Privacy Register will be very familiar to you. Add processing activities and Privacy Register will automatically create content types in your register. There are 13 content types of which some can be further specified in an array.

Name data processing activity 
Purpose of processing activity  
Categories of data subjects 
Categories of personal data 
Legal bases 
Internal categories 

Legal bases

Legal bases can be applied to processing activities based on the personal data processed. They allow you apply them combined to either general categories of personal data or special categories of personal data.

Necessary for a contract
Necessary for a legal obligation
Necessary to protect vital interests
Necessary for the public interest
Necessary for legitimate interests
Special +

Categories of personal data

Processing activities can be further specified by the categories of personal data they include, seperated by their sensitivity. It is possible to specify Each category of the personal data can be qualified as special

Categories of personal data
[] Personal data
[] Special personal data

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